About Us

How It All Started:

Amy Chan Mow is the founder and Managing Director of Salote Florist. How Salote Florist came about started in 1982 in Amy's backyard, where she grew plants and flowers and sold them to customers on a part time basis. She then left to New Zealand and completed an eight weeks course on floral arrangements. Coming back to Samoa, she decided to use all the plants and flowers that she has grown - Salote Florist was then opened in 1998.

From that time til now. Salote Florist has grown and has gone beyond than just providing flowers. Gift hampers, florist accessories and wedding supplies are what some of the products that Salote Florist have extended into providing.

Our Aim:

As floral trends are continuously changing, Salote Florist aims in keeping up with these trends, thus providing new floral and gift ideas to the people of Samoa.


Salote Florist was awarded the International Quality Summit Award at the B.I.D's International Quality Summit Convention New York in 2004. The award recognizes accomplishments in quality and excellence worldwide. Pictured below is Amy Chan Mow with her husband Seehoy Chan Mow.